A MODERN DOMINATRIX: avant guard-NOT old guard.

I’m pleased to inform you I’m perfectly normal and just like 90% of My colleagues on the market I possess great talent and acumen in My field (and a few others incidentally). Never mistake confidence for arrogance. I’m well aware of the nuances and I keep Myself well informed.

I consider My purpose to be effective. That is simply it- I was a therapist in My formative years and that foundational training continues to inform My practice as a Dominatrix.

I have spent an enormous amount of time and energy along with resource, learning/practicing the bdsm arts. Becoming exactly the Domina I wanted to be was no easy task, but I assure you that I earned it with blood sweat and tears… literally!

Being privileged enough to have My own bdsm dungeon and kinky play space here in Dallas, Texas was simply not enough! I have traveled to New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Del Ray Beach, Atlanta, Houston, Austin and Oklahoma City. I’ll be adding several new cities this coming year! I’m a luxury travel enthusiast. I Myself am a luxury…, never forget this simple fact!

I have trained extensively and continue to increase My knowledge yearly, with workshops and conferences. I am happy to share My fetish preferences here on My repertoire page.

In addition to training new submissives and engaging in fetish consulting to individuals in one-on-one intense, life transforming sessions— I also offer bdsm coaching for couples-single or double and to aspiring professionals.

To begin your exciting journey of exploration into the wonderful world of female domination go to the booking page and fill out the inquiry form right now.

Don’t keep Me waiting!

“Happy is the man who can make others better” -Seneca

I aim to be happy……let’s begin!

Booking Mistress Daria

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