I have been practicing female domination in Dallas, Texas and abroad for over 21 years. Here is a brief discussion of the types of play I enjoy indulging in. This page is by no means comprehensive in scope. This particular fact is multi functional and in the best interest of all involved. However the discussion of hard limits is in fact COMPLETE, therefore do not offend Me by asking for a discussion of any of the things on this list.

Let U/us begin with this:

Scat, knife cutting, bloodsport, children, animals, nudity on My part, any type of oral sex (or “servitude”), any type of sex or “GFE”, non-consenting parties (including exposing oneself during public play), castrations, absolutely no exchange of bodily fluids of any kind, no watersports, no anal play. No adult baby play.

Race play, religious play, edge play (I frequently turn down sessions involving these scenes, but you are more than welcome to run your idea by Me but I will likely refer you elsewhere)

Now that we have that out of the way! Let us talk about My passions.Percussion: This one is My favorite. I enjoy thoroughly all kinds of creative tapotement. This is a term I learned while studying Swedish massage and I still enjoy the idea of striking you with deliberate rhythmic force. I use many manner of tools at My disposal. After collecting all kinds of tools, I have quite the collection of floggers, whips, paddles, crops, canes, quirts, tawses, brushes and single tails. My style for impact play can be from light/teasing to severe.

Bondage: There are many forms of bondage that I really get into. I enjoy using restraint and device bondage quite a lot for shorter scenes that involve multiple types of play. Quick release is more desired for that type of play. But if the scene is dedicated to bondage and yet is only one hour, it is alright to use rope. I enjoy mummification with body bags, SaranWrap and duct tape. More intricate bondage scenes involving multiple types of bondage are most appropriate for longer sessions. I have many different types of restraints and devices.


Cross-dressing: I can imagine it’s humiliating to tell Me how you long to be a sissy. Your daydreams of being encased in the lingerie you see Me wearing. The desire to feel those nylons rubbing against your skin tightly, haunts you. Admit it, the thought of being My slut titillates you. I can see how pretty you could be. Stockings, panties, wigs, make up, shoes. I would like to dress you up and do a photoshoot, play with you, perhaps even a night out on the town! I bask in the fun and lighthearted nature of these sessions and I will leave you wanting to do it again and again. I know you want to be My slut and I definitely want to train you to be daddy’s good girl! Now who’s your daddy? That’s right, say it… say My name while you look up at Me while you’re on your knees!!

Foot Worship: They say that Pisces rules the feet. Well, you guessed it, I’m a Pisces. But all fun associations aside… are you serious about foot servitude? Well so am I!!  Let Me explain that My passion for having My feet worshiped is extensive. I also have an extreme fetish for shoes. I own many different pairs of traditional stilettos, as well as boots, platforms and open toed heels. Pouring champagne into a pair of shoes you brought for Me is always exciting. 


Domina Daria Dallas Dominatrix Mistress

Role play: It’s so liberating to live out different lives. Do you dream of being someone else? Do you have a fantasy you desire to play out that you have ruminated over for years? Perhaps a teacher, boss, secretary, aunt, mother, cop, judge, lawyer, doctor or other Woman in a position of authority has sparked your curiosity in real life, leading to you wondering what it might be like to be vulnerable, what it might be like to be overpowered, what it might be like to surrender… let’s try it out, tell Me about your wildest dreams.

Dog and Pony play: I have leather hoods, dog bowls, leather bones and other gear for puppy play. Do you need training? Do you think you’re a good puppy? Do you want to live out your doggy self? I love good pups of all kinds. You are always welcome to bring your own gear as well! I’m also horse lover. I’ve owned horses at several intervals in My life since I was a child. I have the jodhpurs and the Donatellas to pull off the look. Perhaps you want to gift Me something Ariat? You will not be denied! I can ride you like the beast of burden you are. Minimal pony gear, headpiece, hooves, bit gag – and English saddles. Come indulge in being something else entirely!!

These are the broad strokes of My interests, but I also thoroughly enjoy:

  • Financial domination
  • Keyholding
  • Medical play 
  • Public humiliation
  • Verbal humiliation
  • Breath play
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Electrical play
  • Erotic hypnosis
  • Brainwashing
  • Behavior modification
  • Light suspension
  • Mouthsoaping
  • Maid training, chores and tasks
  • Boot blacking
  • Leather and latex worship
  • Caging and abandonment
  • Tickle torture
  • Smothering

I am also available for online training (200/hr video call) and custom clips (300-400 /20-30 min)

And more! Tell Me about your fetishes when you fill out the booking form


Booking Mistress Daria

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